One Touch Electronic Billing to Benefit You

Handling billing can be a time-consuming task for most medical professionals. Fortunately, MidexPRO has a definitive software package that alters the process of reimbursement.

As one of the UK's biggest suppliers of Practice Management software, MidexPRO continue to offer simple solutions to streamline office administration.

In short, one-touch eBilling electronically submits and follows up on claims with health insurance companies monitoring the payments received for the services delivered by healthcare providers.

MidexPRO partners with Healthcode to provide enhanced medical billing services to the independent healthcare sector in the UK. Using Healthcode’s HC Veda validation and electronic bill clearing system, MidexPRO checks the insurer’s specific validation rules before submission. Once passed validation, the invoice is submitted to the insurer for reimbursement enabling the medical professionals and private healthcare businesses to reduce administrative processes, trim down their costs and increase the efficiency of their businesses.

Benefits include:

Automated medical billing

This electronic billing feature automates the invoicing and claims processes, reducing potential human error which minimises the rate of rejections by insurance companies. If there is a case where there is a notable error in the claim, it can be reported in a matter of minutes enabling prompt corrections.

Reduced paperwork

Using eBilling lessens the need to store paperwork as the claim is just filed electronically. In addition to this, an electronic billing system reduces the number of tasks given to administration personnel, enabling healthcare practitioners to free up time, helping to improving the quality of their services to patients.

Faster payment and better cash flow

One-touch billing can easily validate submitted e-bills according to insurer rules. This way, reduces substantial delays in insurance claims allowing you to receive an accurate and timely reimbursement from insurance companies.

MidexPRO partners with Healthcode to offer you one touch eBilling service. Our medical software package provides several features that automate routine tasks whilst keeping critical information accessible. Visit Healthcode to find the link to a HC-Veda account.

MidexPRO is one of the UKs leading Practice Management Software’. The team at MidexPRO think like doctors and not a computer expert. The aim of the company is to ensure that all medical specialities, secretaries, and hospital groups can navigate the system easily and have the functions available to them that help to run clinics and practices, efficiently.

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