Are You Using An iPad?

When it comes to improving functionality on MidexPRO Practice Management software, we are always keen to find solutions that help better the end User experience.

Businesses have seen a major shift in how people access the internet and how individuals set up for work.

For many years, a static office PC was by far the most popular way to work but with improvements to MacBooks, iPads, and how Covid has affected how we operate, mobile devices have become more important and popular.

No longer do we need to be static and sat in an office, and for the consultants and GPs using MidexPRO, this has completely changed their ability to be mobile and still view patient records, clinic lists, and diaries.

MidexPRO is a cloud-based system, meaning your data sits in the cloud and can be viewed from any mobile device. Updates are viewed in real-time and if you have other Users on your account with the relevant number of access Licences, you can all view the same details from anywhere in the world.

This last year, the MidexPRO Support team has seen a rise in the number of clients that have commented on using an iPad to access and view MidexPRO and this is great news because the benefits are vast. Here are just a few.

  • Use ‘Patient Mode’ in your version of MidexPRO and let clients update their own personal details using an iPad. Not only saves using paper records and time spent on data entry but also helps to illuminate human error in adding that data.
  • An iPad is smaller and easier to carry around than using laptops or MacBooks. You can carry an iPad with you easier than other devices and allows you to update patient notes, add diary information, and view clinic sheets easily.
  • If you install Microsoft Word (from the App store) you can edit documents exactly as you would as if you were at a desktop PC.

  • MidexPRO is one of the UK’s leading providers of Practice Management software. For over 28 years we have been providing a robust, secure, and cost-effective solution to the medical community.

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