Enhanced Private Practice Software

MidexPro thinks like a doctor and not a computer expert.

We provide you with all you need to run your practice allowing you to concentrate on doing what you do best whilst MidexPro takes care of the rest.

Private Practice Management Software is our expertise and with over 30 years’ experience and over 5000 users we have the system that is right for you.


Access Anywhere

Whatever your speciality, MidexPro allows you to access your diary schedule, patient data & images wherever you are, on any mobile device or PC.

Completely mobile optimised and secure (using Microsoft Azure), you can update clinical data on the move and even read patient notes whilst in theatre.

Security Provided by Microsoft Azure

We employ the same levels of security adopted and trusted by Banks, Government organisations and the Armed Forces.

To enable us to meet our own expectations and those of our customers, our systems operate from the Microsoft Azure Platform.

Using Microsoft Azure is not only secure but also means our servers increase in size and processes as the demand requires. You do not need to worry about capacity as we have this covered.

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MidexPro is GDPR compliant to ISO27001 Standard.

If you require more information on how we meet these standards, please contact admin@midexpro.com


Is MidexPro right for you?

MidexPro is the definitive software package to facilitate your medical practice.

We have a wide variety of features that automate routine tasks whilst keeping critical information at your fingertips. We recognise that a "one size fits all" approach isn`t viable and will work with you to ensure your bespoke version of MidexPro will work for you and with you.

Our Cloud based version ensures data is backed up in real time and ensures your data is secure. We have a UK Support Desk on hand to answer questions and offer advice on how best to use MidexPro Software. We also offer a 30 Day FREE Trial so you can try before you buy.



Simply record patient and treatment details and MidexPro will do the rest, producing invoices to your specification.


MidexPro’s recall system enables both long and short term prompting, automatically listing overdue patients who fail to respond to their recall.


As well as writing prescriptions and monitoring drug use, our software can print labels for you.

Clinical Features

MidexPro allows you to analyse by diagnosis and/or treatment and gives you a full reporting package to assist in your clinical research or audit.


MidexPro has a substantial set of reports that will assist you with tracking finances, patient audits, & expenses.



Simple one touch eBilling to all major Insurers. Very simple to set up and no installation required.

Expenses Option

Allows you to run full end of year accounts within MidexPro.


Send test requests to TDL and have the results sent directly to the patients record within MidexPro.


For VAT registered users this will allow you to complete your VAT returns.

Diary & SMS
Diary & SMS

Our diary allows you to easily manage patient appointments and if you use it with our SMS service it will even send your patients a text reminder without you lifting a finger. Saving you hundreds of £’s in missed appointments.

Multi Practice
Multi Practice

Multi Practice enables you to run multiple MidexPro systems all from one login.


You can list and search documents by patient and even instantly search all documents by content to find that elusive file! More than that, its AutoClerk feature integrates all types of document into one place, images and videos included, not just Word documents.


Try Before You Buy

Here at MidexPro we understand the level of commitment required for a major investment in a software package can be daunting.

To make it easier for you to see if our software is right for your practice, you can trial the full working package, not a cut down version.

This package comes with the MidexPro tour delivered by our friendly & knowledgable Support team.

The Support Desk will be on hand throughout the whole 30 day trial to answer questions and advise how best to use our software.

This will build confidence that MidexPro is the Practice Management system worthy of your investment.

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System Requirements

  • MS Windows or Mac OS
  • MS Office – Office 2013 and above are required. Please note - Home & Student versions will not work.

FREE 30 Day Trial

Contact MidexPro on 0330 999 3399 or email Support@midexpro.com

We will be happy to set you up with a no obligation FREE 30 day trial of the full working system.

As mentioned, full training will be provided to you and use of the Support Desk is available during your trial. For continued use beyond that time the software will need to purchased.

When your trial period expires you will be given the option to either keep or delete all the data entered during your trial period. Your trial version includes all the main features of the software. Should you wish to go ahead and purchase, any options you do not require can be disabled after 30 days.

MidexPro Disclaimer

MidexPro strongly recommend that you keep all software up to date, including your Microsoft products. Microsoft regularly release updates for many of their products and MidexPro recommend that you follow Microsoft advice and install as recomended.

Updates to these products will ensure that your MidexPro package runs effectively and efficiently for you.

MidexPro is not responsible for the reliability of any data, options advice or statements made by third party companies. Downloads from these sites are the copyright of those sites

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MidexPro is not a one size fits all product.

For a quote based on your specific needs, contact the Support Desk 0330 999 3399 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

You only purchase the features that You need.

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